Simplify Personal Data Compliance

Transform Personal Data Compliance into a distinctive business advantage. Elevate your data strategy with bespoke consent & preference management solutions, and embrace a user-centric world with unwavering trust and unparalleled value.


We help you stay Compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance, proactively manage risk, and handle data right way, so that individuals can trust you with their data and you can deliver more meaningful experiences.

Data Policy

Craft, implement, and maintain internal and external, Eighth Schedule DPDPB-compliant data policy tailored for your organization's ever-changing data needs.


Data Principals

Simplify notice management and consent broadcast with our automated solution. Stay compliant with DPDP Bill sections 6.1 and 6.2 effortlessly.

Consent Management

Build trust with seamless consent and preference experiences powered by blockchain technology. Foster privacy-first relationships through SDK integration.


Enabling companies to build trust and grow

Leader in Data Compliance

Concur unifies data, people, and procedures to simplify compliance. This ensures customer trust, compliance and peace of mind for everyone. Learn how we can help your firm shift from compliance to trust intelligence.

Data Principal Management

From notice sending to consent management, our streamlined approach simplifies the complex world of consent management for old customers

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Consent Management

Effortlessly define, integrate, collect and scale consents in your product and secure provenance with blockchain for transparency.

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Data Subject Rights

Empower your organization with a comprehensive solution for managing data subject rights. Reduce time, enhance trust.

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Data Policy Management

Easy, collaborative, multi-lingual policy formulation for all data management components of your organisation.

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Get a grip on Consent with Concur.

  • Data Cataloging Streamlined
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Consents Management
  • Seeking Automation
  • Consent Collabration
  • Consent Audits & Provance
Understand Consent

Comprehensive Enterprise Software for Data Compliance

With its innovative tools and resources, Concur helps enterprises stay ahead of the curve and manage their data risks effectively.

Data Life-cycle Management

Streamline data handling with us - from collection to disposal.

Unlock insights, enhance security, and stay compliant effortlessly.

  • Data Discovery
  • Classification & Cataloguing
  • Purpose Management
  • Collabration & Consents
  • Data Requests Resolution
  • Workflow Management
  • DPO & Compliance Reports
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Consent Management

Build a strong foundation for Data Protection and ethical processing with our automated consent collection, new and continuous consents, audit, and provenance solution. Transperency consent management process that builds trust and fuels growth.

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Consent Collabration

Unlock the Power of Consent Collaboration! Seamlessly manage cross-department usage and achieve continuous compliance with ease. Gain clear visibility into consent and perform function across various siloed departments without worry.

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Principal Access Request

Say goodbye to the nightmare of managing Data Principal Access Requests (DPAR). Our solution minimizes DPAR requests, streamlines collaboration, and accelerates processing time.

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DPO Mangement & Reports

Discover the ultimate Data Protection Office solution for a complete overview of data compliance. Simplify your data protection journey with us.

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    Data Principals
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On mission to manage consent for billion Indians

At the heart of data protection lies Consent Management, and we are here to empower your growing organization with a comprehensive solution. Our user-friendly platform centralizes consent management, ensuring effortless compliance. Experience the ease of automating the consent lifecycle and maintaining transparent data governance.

With our expertise and tailored solutions, we grow alongside you, prioritizing data security at every step. Simplify your consent management journey, build trust, and join Concur Suite of Services today. Take control of your data compliance with confidence!

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Spectrum of integration for your enterprise needs

Consent Management for Web, Mobile, Connected TV or other devices - we got your covered. Our SDK & API's can be easily integrated with Java, C++, Node, JavaScript, Python, RoR, Golang, Rust, hosted on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and beyond. Experience the power of integrated technology.

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